Simple SDL Game Engine File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
Animation.cpp [code]
Animation.h [code]
Context.cpp [code]
Context.h [code]
Entity.cpp [code]
Entity.h [code]
FormulaTrigger.cpp [code]
FormulaTrigger.h [code]
game.cpp [code]
game.h [code]
KeyListener.h [code]
mainheader.h [code]
MouseListener.h [code]
PhysicsDesc.cpp [code]
PhysicsDesc.h [code]
PhysicsEnvironment.cpp [code]
PhysicsEnvironment.h [code]
Picture.cpp [code]
Picture.h [code]
ssge_private.h [code]
State.cpp [code]
State.h [code]
StateChangeListener.h [code]

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